I like how people act like you can’t be racist and sleep with a person of color. As if misogynists don’t sleep with women all the time.
my favorite mythical creatures are the happy girls in tampon commercials
Truth right here.
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HAHAHAH greatest quote ever, I knew a girl with a black boyfriend who was racist as crap, racist, dumb af, same thing.

Do keep in mind she has had "nothing but a breast enhancement" on her quest to become Barbie.

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Didn't I see this on an episode Nip Tuck? Lol
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That's the Human Barbie. Lots of people aren't sure she's real. She does YT vids. There's another similar woman out there too.
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I thought she was fake from those pictures, I was like "why does fifi g keep posting video game pictures? (dead or alive video game? anyone? I used to play it all the time in high school...

the girls were so "HOT" that they made a bikini island game for them....not joking. http://cdn3.mixrmedia.com/wp-uploads...e_2_120006.jpg

then I watched a video, it's just make up, to make her eyes huge, and probably contouring on her nose. People like that have mad make up skills.

Apparently she doesn't eat actual food, and her breasts are fake, so I could see why she looks like that.

I'd believe it. Heidi montag with a different head.