I've been taking those vitamins now for over a month. And my nails and hair did grow. Mayb not as much as I thought it would but it did work. Maybe around an inch in a month, more than ever for me anyway bc my hair barely grows ever! Well can those things mess your hair up by chance? Lately all I've had are bad hair days! I blamed it on different products I've been trying or using, but it just came to me...could it be the pills?

My hair has been horrible lately I even quit cg for a few days and came back to it to try a few things. Its been stringy, no clumps! Frizzy, and nooo volume at all. Just real limp.

What do you all think?? I miss my nice hair days! I rather those than longer hair! Has anyone tried those before??

Would love help.........thanks!
(according to my hair analysis) [thought it was worst!]

Cowash: Suave Naturals
RO: Ion Effective Care, GVPCB
PT/DT: IAGIRL's PT, One n' Only Argan Hydrating Mask
LI: Cure Care, GVPCB
Style:EXPERIMENTING STILL!!! Trying: HE mousses,.la sports gel,
Mixed Chicks, SSCEJ, Ecostyler Krystal, KCCC