What brand of Mag glycinate do you take?

I've been taking Magnesium Malate for hormonal migraine and fibromyalgia spells. It's not seeming to help that much but I may not be taking enough of it either...probably averaging out at 650 mg/day.
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I use KAL brand for mag glycinate.

I didnt notice a big help until I was taking at least 600mg for while but I do better at 1000mg a day and using the mag oil on painful areas. We burn off magnesium with meds, stress, insomnia, sugar, etc so it's likely not enough. But there are so many factors to fibro. I have a facebook group if you are interested. Lots of ways to treat fibro. Dr Teitelbaum's book From Fatigued to Fantastic was a life changer for me.
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Thanks for the info!

I take Source Natural's Mag Malate as well. I'll up it and try the glycinate and see what happens. I'll check out that book too.

CL- Personally I started taking Magnesium Malate specifically for fibromyalgia. It's thought that people with it both lack magnesium and could benefit from more malic acid (not a lot of food sources of it to my understanding...green apples, green grapes, and a smattering of other things). I did notice that many reviewers of it wound up taking A LOT of it before they noticed relief. I'm thinking that may be because it's still not the best form for absorption, though it's a little better than the forms you would find in a basic grocery store vitamin aisle.
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Has a lot to do with rate you use up mag too. If there's not enough to go around, you wont notice the fibro benefits. Since it can take months to restore your levels via oral mag, using mag oil in addition to mag malate could be extremely beneficial.

It's not that it's not absorbable. Mag malate is a far superior choice than the mag oxide sold at the drugstore. Just that arent seeing the benefits yet. http://drcarolyndean.com/2012/10/whe...akes-me-worse/

Be sure to check your serving size too. One bottle of mine requires 6 tablets to equal around 400mg and my current bottle requires 3 tablets. Sneaky labeling.