Haha!!!! We're talking about Cuba!
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Have you been there before? I hear it is absolutely lovely...though you will be swamped with fellow Snowbirds ;p lol! We were also thinking about one of those all-inclusives in Cuba...I know Air Canada also offers them in exchange for Airmiles. We are very tempted!

I hope you have a blast if you go!
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We've gone the last 2 years and just love it. Beaches are nice, and the people are amazing. Food at the resorts were so-so, but last year I think we had all but one dinner off the resort and that food was great!

We stayed here 2 years ago. Upgraded to the beach suite and had a great time...

Hotel Aguas Azules - Resort Reviews, Deals - Varadero, Cuba - TripAdvisor

This is where we stayed last year. Great deal, really nice resort, the food was good while it lasted but they seemed to run out of stuff pretty fast. It was right next to Varadero though, so we went into town every night for dinner.

BelleVue Palma Real - All-inclusive Resort Reviews, Deals - Varadero, Cuba - TripAdvisor

Cuba is incredibly safe. 2 years ago it was all girls, last year 50/50 and both times felt perfectly fine out in town late at night.
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