Just like a lot of other curlies here, I'm hard-pressed to get a good style/drying after a cut.

Maybe your stylist thinks more about time equaling money, or she's ignorant about drying curls. On the surface, her behavior seems disrespectful, considering she didn't leave you wet or send you out dry, but did some half-azzed in between job instead.

Maybe curly-reluctant stylists figure one disgruntled curly customer won't matter because the majority of their potential clientele don't want or respect curly hair anyway (They'll just think, "Well can you blame your stylist?" ... or that's maybe the assumed reaction). And this may be overly-cynical, but I'm guessing a lot of stylists are relieved when curly customers don't return, or swear off other potential curly customers. Until more of society embraces curls, we're outnumbered and a lot of stylists won't be clamoring for our business or closely monitoring our needs (except to "straighten us out"). Sad but true. It's why I now choose salons specializing in curly hair.

Anyway, this is all just guess work when it comes to what lurks inside your specific stylist's brain. I've found that communication is the best policy with whatever stylist. Only your stylist can tell you what's up, really. Better to ask her why she seem reluctant to dry your hair and also let her know specifically what you want, even if it makes you uncomfortable to stand up for yourself. You could also just not go back again and forfeit the good and cheap cut she gives you. But then I'd discuss your needs plainly w/your next stylist to try and avoid another unwanted situation.
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You're right, I should just ask her why she doesn't want to dry my hair. I think I'm afraid that (a) I'll offend her and (b) she will say it's more work and want to charge extra.
So I go on being annoyed when I leave the salon but basically being satisfied with my cut during the three months between cuts.