Be sure to check your serving size too. One bottle of mine requires 6 tablets to equal around 400mg and my current bottle requires 3 tablets. Sneaky labeling.
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It sounds like we may have the same Source Naturals Mag Malate bottle. I have the 360 tablet, 1250 mg overall one.

Now I'm looking at it closer though (did notice the suggested use before) and notice that for that serving size (3 tablets), it indicates in the nutrient table that you're getting 425 mg of Magnesium alone.

425/3 = ~142 mg.

So if I work up to 5 tablets daily, that will ultimately be 710 mg.

I had been thinking 5/day is the upper most limit of what's reasonable, but it looks like it's more just right in there. Definitely good to know.[/QUOTE]

Yup we have the same one. Your bowels will be your guide. If it's too much just cut back and work back up slowly. It's very very difficult to get too much mag because your bowels let you know what you can tolerate... Tho that doesnt mean it's too much overall. Max daily dose is around 1500mg

A great site for fibro info is This dr has changed my life. If I stay on all my meds and supplements, I'm almost normal. Treating my adrenal glands has been the biggest improvement for me yet most drs dont consider adrenal fatigue to be legit so patients suffer.
I had horrible hypoglycemia, tachycardia, dizziness, blood pressure drop when I stood up, etc. All resolved since treating my adrenals. Just know there is a lot to try and no reason to suffer.