Those are not sweeteners. They are natural sugar replacements. Artificial sweeteners (aspartame, splenda, sweet and low etc) are not part of primal eating (and frankly shouldn't be part of anyones diet anywhow!).

Stevia and Just Like Sugar have no calories or carbs and has no glycemic impact, both completely natural. Whey low has 75% less carbs than regular sugar, tastes just as sweet and has much lower glycemic impact than sugar.

I'm glad you are noticing a difference with your new diet. It really does make a big difference. I have more energy, sleep better, eat better, faster metabolism, no cravings or hunger. It's amazing. I'm not strictly paleo all the time, but what I do works for me--and I don't feel bad about eating ice cream or pastries once in a while (or even bread!). This is the only way the weight has come off for me and I've tried everything under the sun. To be on a "diet" and not have constant hunger is like heaven.

What I LOVE the best is that I can eat all the bacon I want LOL. Eggs, bacon and cheese in the morning. I LIVE for that. Or almond flour pancakes with strawberry jam. I'm hungry. All I need is a bread maker and I can make my own bread with almond and coconut flour for a super paleo sandwich!