OK - I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome find! Used it two ways: After I low-pooed and conditioned this morning, I plopped for a bit and then put some gel in. While my hair was wet, I went through w/ the curling brush and very quickly twirled sections all the way around, away from my face. So, I was kind of "molding" my hair. I air dried for about 40 minutes, and then diffused. While I was diffusing, I used the brush again to go in at the roots, did kind of a twist and lift thing while applying heat, resulting in AWESOME root lift (normally hard for me to achieve, my hair is really heavy!)

My hair looks really good, different than normal, this was a great tool for kind of "redirecting" my curl and wave. I hope it's not just beginners luck, and that I can consistently get these results! I already think I am going to go back to Sally's and buy a back up! I'd also be interested in getting the medium one, I think it would work even better for my shorter layers.

Thanks for sharing such a great discovery!