I guess I was wrong about Penner. He just voted for Abi out of spite, not because he had some master plan. I don't like the way he psychologically/emotionally manipulated Lisa. I get the "Survivor story" sell, after all he is a writer, but I could have done without him playing shrink with Lisa. That seemed sleazy to me.

Artis seems like a good guy. He just aligned himself with the only two a-holes in the game. Abi looks like a snake, doesn't she? I would hate to be facing her in a dark alley. She looks like she could a cut a -----.

I want to see Penner, Malcom, Denise and Skupin go the furthest, with either Malcom or Denise winning (I would be happy with Penner too). I like Lisa, but only for the nostalgia factor. I don't like the way she's playing. Too much vacillating and too much crying for me.