just be very careful with the pill. my friend went on the pill at 50 yrs old to help with her periods.
several months later she almost died from clots in her lungs. she literally came home one night, was in so much pain collapsed at the door. after a few minutes she was able to crawl to bathroom and take some advil. again after a bit she called her daughter who is a med student. daughter told her to immediately call 911 (why she didn't do it first most likely she was in shock i think) and to make sure she tells emts and hospital that she was on birth control pills.
that bit of advice saved her as they immediately looked for lung clots and found lots. she was hospitalized for almost a week as they dissolved the clots and then for a year afterward was on blood thinners, had to go weekly for blood tests.
about a year after she was off the blood thinners she had her blood tested to see if she had the type that tends to form clots, and the answer came back negative.

so, honestly, i think i'd give myself a time frame for sticking it out, then maybe have surgery.

i hate to be one of those people with horror stories, but i feel this is different as this is something very much in your control. ask your dr if you decide to take them how he/she will monitor for clots. my friend, of course, got herself a new gyn.
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