i dont want to derail the thread, but I have to vent/rant.

What the hell kind of country is this when someone is at risk of being homeless with their child, but we are suppose to be the richest most powerful force on earth? But then those with 5 homes tell those on the threshold of sleeping on the street to stop being lazy and dont expect handouts. those same people who have no idea what hunger is. or not knowing if you will have someone to sleep next month. or wondering if your child will be forced to sleep in a homeless shelter. I dont care that they are rich. let them hoard all their money and never give to charity. its their money. But dont assume just because someone is not bringing in 7 figures a year or have a rich daddy or married rich, they are lazy. we work even harder then the rich just to survive. Dont assume we all want to sit on our backsides all day waiting on our govt checks to come in. most of us want to work, we just need a helping hand, not a hand out.