if my boss schedules me on the holidays I took off, I'm not coming in. I don't give a f.

I'm taking a stand, my parents celebrate christmas eve, last year I was working a double on it, I worked NYE and NY day, I work EVERY HOLIDAY that the year has to offer, You're not making me work on christmas or thanksgiving. Sorry. My family is pretty close, and I've missed so many things because of work. I have family members I haven't seen in a year THAT I USED TO SEE ALL THE TIME. And it's b.s. I'M NOT EVEN FROM THIS PLACE. I have no family or friends here. And the friends I do have GET TO LEAVE FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

The only thing that keeps me staying here is that I need my boss for a recommendation letter. I don't really, if I can get my teachers but I think having someone who you work for is a good one too. But I don't want to work here anymore. Because they're turning into a Voldemort run place. Make everyone miserable. Run the people who actually help out into the ground, make them super miserable.

I'm thinking of finding another job and reducing my hours to as little as possible here, so I can still keep the job but not be scheduled because i have another job and don't want to be scheduled because they make me miserable.