i dont want to derail the thread, but I have to vent/rant.

What the hell kind of country is this when someone is at risk of being homeless with their child, but we are suppose to be the richest most powerful force on earth? But then those with 5 homes tell those on the threshold of sleeping on the street to stop being lazy and dont expect handouts. those same people who have no idea what hunger is. or not knowing if you will have someone to sleep next month. or wondering if your child will be forced to sleep in a homeless shelter. I dont care that they are rich. let them hoard all their money and never give to charity. its their money. But dont assume just because someone is not bringing in 7 figures a year or have a rich daddy or married rich, they are lazy. we work even harder then the rich just to survive. Dont assume we all want to sit on our backsides all day waiting on our govt checks to come in. most of us want to work, we just need a helping hand, not a hand out.
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Belieeeeveeee me.....I rant about the same thing!!! I read the threads here, see it in real life, and I just don't understand it--what do they expect people out here to do??? WHAT???

I'm trying to remain calm and analytical and figure out a plan.....I mean, MY parents are broke, too! They CAN'T loan me money. Incidentally, it PISSES me off when EVERYBODY suggests this. Goddammit, I'm 42 years old!!! My parents are older and they are broke!!!

And YES, I've ALREADY been "back to school"!!! I can't even take the one class I need to complete the program yet, because I'm out here trying to SURVIVE.

I have 2 sisters and both of them are struggling. One's a single parent with 2 kids; the other is a SAHM but she's married and her husband recently lost HIS job. They have 2 small kids. They can't help much, either. Both my sisters and BIL are going to school also. WTF do they expect ppl out here to do???

If I move back with my parents--they live in an extremely rural area. Where will I find a job? Unless I just work at Walmart or somewhere and live very frugally until I can get a toehold? Can I even apply for assistance while living with them and qualify? Suppose I can't even GET a job? I mean......

....and then their WATER situation isn't so good, either. Our well went bad or something, and they have to use another well down the way....it's very hard to explain but their water usage has to be VERY limited.

If I move in with my parents it'll be an hour away....my sister and aunt live 3-4 hours away. I mean should I just move back in with my ex-husband???

And my bills are NOT high!!! Well, the rent ain't ideal but I DON'T have a car payment, DON'T have a cable bill b/c I DON'T have a TV, DON'T eat a lot or buy clothes...

.....the one "frivolous" thing I had was a Smartphone but 1) that got disconnected today because I don't know when or if I will ever have the money to pay the bill; 2) I'm locked into a contract until next April and if I can ever figure out what to do, I'm going to a prepaid phone or seriously downgrading all the way down to bedrock when my contract is up.

It's just that my job pays so LITTLE and I can't find another!!! If I could just make a little more money, we'd be okay!!!

And because of my situation (not having people to move in with), I've always worked VERY hard to maintain a clean rental history. My rent is now late EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH. Am I doomed forever after if sh*t really goes down the tubes and I have to break my lease? Does anybody know?? Bolded because I was hoping someone could chime in on this particular question.

I'm sorry to derail the thread with another rant, I can make another one or something......

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