{{{thanks everyone}}}

Called child support services today and learned that the process has been started. Before, I hadn't heard anything at all.

Going to re-visit Dept of Soc Svcs and try again for assistance. Unfortunately, in order to go there I'll have to miss time from work which I don't get paid for, because I am a temp with no benefits.

Had an interview with another temp agency yesterday, although they didn't have anything available.

Applied for a permanent position at my present assignment and (gasp) got a call back......went through a phone screening, but others here have told me that the hiring process for this company is very, very, VERY long. So I'm not holding my breath for this one because I'm forced to take the very next opportunity that pops up.

I'd LIKE to wait, because this is one of the best companies in the city to work for, but I can't.

Trying to remember how much worse a lot of people have it than me, and trying to stay proactive. Good-luck vibes, positive thoughts and prayers for all those who are struggling.