Well, I know CK's instructions are to use it on very wet hair. That being said, of it works for you then do it!

Thanks for the gel info, Corrina! May have to pick that up! . What curl enhancer are you using??

Still not dry or tangly?? Keep us posted after work and before bed!
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I've pretty much narrowed down my favorites to Re:Coil and TIGI Curls Rock Amplifier (cyclo-cones). I like MorrocanOil Curl Defining Cream as an occasional cross over to the dark side, and I'm still playing with SS CEJ and CJ CCCC, but haven't used either enough yet to form an opinion on re-purchasing. Stash killing what's left of Deva Styling Cream, Brocato CurlKarma Curl Activating Cream (a-cone), and Aveda Be Curly (part of my experimenting to find CG-friendly alternatives to non-CG products).

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