So, all around us, horrible things are happening to everybody.

--Sandy left a lot of our friends and neighbors homeless. My family has been lucky enough to just be down one fence.

--A few months ago, my cousin's cousin/aunt's nephew died of cancer. He was 35. His mother died two days ago. Not sure if it was an intentional overdose, but the point is, she's gone, her son is gone, the poor husband and father. TERRIBLE.

--I have another cousin who was given three months to live 9 years ago (I posted about him frequently here.) He's kept fighting, he's had children with his wife, but his prognosis is looking very, very grim right now.

My mom came-up for a week to "survey all the damage" to her house (that whole fence piece, you know.) My mom cries poverty CONSTANTLY. She quit work because she WANTED TO. She blew money on cars and vacations and jewelry. She's not crippled. But ALL SHE DOES IS CRY POVERTY TO THE POINT THAT I WANT TO SMACK HER ESPECIALLY WHEN WE ARE SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE WITH REAL PROBLEMS RIGHT NOW. She goes on and on about her stresses.

My mom is soooooooooooooooooo torn about going back to Florida because she feels sooooooooooo bad if she stays down here (to, you know, be around AFTER MY COUSIN DIES) because she doesn't want her poor poor boyfriend to be alone on Thanksgiving (the same one she discovered was cheating on her for ten years two years ago that she took back because we ALL know the very worst thing to be is single, right?)


--I'm going to be alone for Thanksgiving because I need to work and can't travel and be home in time to get to work. I'm not complaining. And she certainly doesn't seem to care...but, we all know, her boyfriend is INFINITELY more important than her children or grandchildren or other relatives.


I need to vent on here because if I let it out anywhere else, I'm worried I'll sound like her.