The look on Abi's face when she realized what happened!
The look on Artis' face when he first saw his name appear!
The look on RC's face when she saw it was Artis!
The wink from Denise!

all of these made tribal GREAT

I think Lisa, bless her heart, is so WISHY WASHY - and I think Penner played her (but he did a good job, getting her to do exactly what he wanted) - but I don't necessarily think he was wrong, I mean - why would you align with people who obviously have nothing but disdain for you - doesn't say much for her self esteem.

I'm glad the returning players are giving the others a run for their money in challenges - I think the attitude was so "no returning player can win" dismissive that no one really considered how GOOD they were.

And Abi "oh I've considered we don't have the votes" - BIG LIAR - and yes, she looks like someone you would not want to meet in an alley - I really can't wait for her to be on the jury and have to sit there quietly. (and I loved that "Abi was not chosen" in the challenge)

I like Denise more each week. I'd like to see her go far.

ETA: I think Artis really showed himself to be a good guy the way he handled his parting words - made me wish we'd seen more of him (and not him, Pete, Abi together) this season.
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