The look on Abi's face when she realized what happened!
The look on Artis' face when he first saw his name appear!
The look on RC's face when she saw it was Artis!
The wink from Denise!

all of these made tribal GREAT

I think Lisa, bless her heart, is so WISHY WASHY - and I think Penner played her (but he did a good job, getting her to do exactly what he wanted) - but I don't necessarily think he was wrong, I mean - why would you align with people who obviously have nothing but disdain for you - doesn't say much for her self esteem.
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Maybe he planted the seed, but he didn't get her to do what he wanted though. She still voted with Tandang.
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Did she? (I'm not doubting you - I forget who is from what tribe regularly) -I thought she voted with the rest of the people and not with Abi's crew - I'm really sad now LOL

ETA: HOW DID I MISS THAT???? Crap, now I'm really disappointed, I went to bed (and obviously until just now) thought "oh good for Lisa, finally getting out from under those meanies!!)
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