Geek Chic and Corrina, I'm glad you wrote to them, too.
Geek, I'm sure we got the same form-letter response, and I don't expect to hear more from them after my response. It is disappointing.

Today at Walgreens, I dug back behind a bunch of bottles of the new formula CO and managed to retrieve one old-formula bottle, yay.

I took a look at their supply of their Brazilian Keratin "straightening" (yuck!) CO, and I didn't see any bad cones in it (or maybe they just haven't stocked the shelf with new formula bottles). Have you tried that one? It smells really good, much better than the Argan one. I'm not sure how my hair does with keratin protein, though, and I don't want straightening (though I kind of doubt it actually does much to straighten hair). ??