Hey folks!

So, I'm not a parent of a curly, but . . . I've been around the boards for awhile with my 3a/b hair.

Just this past week, my family adopted a little girl. She's had some stuff happen with her hair before we got her, and her hair is currently pretty short. From what I understand, her hair is probably 4b--it's the tightest, curliest hair I've probably ever laid eyes on.

We have absolutely NO idea how to take care of it. And it's short enough that there really isn't anything to actually do with it. But, it's so dry and frizzy, even though there are really defined curls.

She doesn't like her hair right now and thinks she's ugly because it got cut so short. I just so want to learn how to take care of her and show her how beautiful it is.

Any thoughts about all of this? Products? Routines? Styling options? Encouragement that I can give her?
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