My mom is really stressing me out about this move. She is just so mad that the new job won't give me a moving stipend and I am just like we need to move on from this point. She wants me to get a tune-up change my tires and she is acting like they are having an effin blizzard in Michigan. I am just like so you want me to take back my decision?? I get it I really do. However the car servicing thing is just not an option. Tires yes tune-up no. I have a co-worker giving me her ebt card to go ahead an get some groceries. I have my old college roomate confirming whether or not her dad can load me and my stuff to michigan. She you is willing to take my small dog. Folks are trying to help. The principal claims she will be there and several others to help to make sure that I will be ok once I am there until first paycheck.

No jobs are moving for me in Georgia and I am sick of Georgia. I am tired of having to let oppurtunity after oppurtunity slip away because it is related to money. So what, I stay and continue not being able to pay bills or have the money to get certfied to be able to get a teaching job?? THEN I have to deal with people that have completely forgtten about my student teaching to get my recommendation letters to only work in a school system that is broken??? I don't know I am trying to power through and just get the move over with.
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