Um i'm really not super concerned about the cones and sulfates. As long as you moisturize plenty, I think sulfates are fine.
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Im kind of the same when it comes to the sulfates and cones but i try to keep it limited if I were you try trader joes botanicals shampoo and conditioner it works really well the conditioner is really creamy and theyre $3 each try vo5 its only like $.70-$1.00 its cheaper smells good and doesnt have silicones and sulfates and its a good consistency its a LITTLE bit runnier than trader joes and as far as product if u have thick hair try creams heavy creams work good on thick hair I think Ive already told u about shea moisture I would try a cream and then scrunch with gel have u ever tried: elasta qp(gel), shea moisture products(creams and gel), cantu shea butter(cream), mixed silk elements(leave-in conditioner), eco styler gel... You should be able to get all these things from sallys and or target