That story is just ridiculous.

I think my biggest issue is that mom is comfortable with someone picking up her kid who doesn't know her well enough to recognize her. Scary.

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That's what I thought also, but then I had my flashback and well, kids are kids.

I do camps and when I started I was not familiar with the parents (we check ID anyway) but one time they called for Sally to leave because her parents were there, well we have two sally's and I took the wrong sally to leave and I walked her all the way to her "mom" and her mom was like "Not my sally" and I was like "uhhhh why didn't you say that wasn't your mom??"
we walked like 20ft towards her she had all that time to realize that was not her mom you're 10 not 5 but anyway she was like "I don't know *shrug* " And that is how I learned kids do the darndest things. I didn't believe it until I started working with kids.