I've avoided this site and others because I'm so broke and this forum makes the PJ in me itch (and I find it impossible to stay away from other threads). *sigh* I need a job! Black Friday is going to make me cry. I need to get signed up for Jobseekers' Allowance (not that I'd spend it on hair stuff, I just hate not having money in my pocket). If it wasn't for my birthday a few weeks ago (my sister took me to Rome, it was GREAT!) I would be so miserable! But I am blessed in many ways so I shouldn't complain really.

My hair is still looking good though.

How's everyone doing? I see some have new jobs and some are tired of their jobs (why would someone need to photocopy 100 pages from one book?? ). Did I miss any drama?
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Hey. Good to see you. Keep your head up Jo.

I'm grateful for the job, but these ppl are all about that bull. They act like they couldn't afford an ebook. Whatever. I'm going to keep pushing until something better comes along

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About my hair:
weekly shampoo-HE Honey I'm Strong
daily conditioner-HE Honey I'm Strong (use as li)
go to style-Pocahontas braids