Wow, so I've met people here on with similar hair types who are my hair twins...but you are like an identical twin! haha(: I have the exact same type (with the mixture of 2's,) same porosity, density, width, and even the length comes pretty close.

Do you use any styling products? Sometimes, those help me maintain my curls through the second day. Also, I found that Yes to Carrots didn't work too well for me. The shampoo didn't really clean enough, which might be the nasty feeling you're mentioning. I agree about the co-washing, too...greasy on my hair. My experience with YTC Shampoo could be different for you, though! Also, for second-day hair, pineappling at night has worked the best for me. I put all my hair up on the top of my head in a loose scrunchy and sleep with it over the pillow. Work great!
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That's awesome that I found someone similar to my hair! I have been using the Shae Moisture Conditioning Masque sometimes and then sometimes I use just Argan oil and maybe some light hairspray but that's it! I haven't tried any other products, when I have used stuff for wavy/curly in the past it always makes my hair crunch and I definitely don't want that!

Maybe if I could find a product at the store (Kroger, CVS, Walgreens) that would work it would also help with the fact my waves get flat and boring as the day goes on.

I haven't done a pineapple because the back bottom layer of my hair wont stay up if its that high up :/