Wow, you guys are good! So I wasn't really using glycerin with the AOMM or the As I am, but there is plenty of aloe and - oh, actually as I am has glycerin - so between the two there is glycerin, aloe, panthenol, and coconut.

Which is it? Hahahaha -

I tried then, same routine, this time used GVP condish balm rather than the brand name that I had been using (prob. same ingredients)?

And went back to KCKT - used lots - this time with a different gel - HE body envy.

So far - AMAZING - no dryness tangle or brittle whatsoever.

So what gives? Is it the humectants in low dues or is it a sensitivity to one of the above listed ingredients?

Thanks you all so much for helping me on this crazy hair journey!
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GVP balm has no protein in it, and I think all four of the ingredients you mentioned could be the trigger for your issues...only you can determine that, sadly, via experimentation! Aloe has proteins in it and it does give some protein-sensitives a really hard time. Many cannot tolerate certain forms of cococnut - the milk of it has proteins, as does the meat part, but the oil contains NO protein. Some of us can't handle panthenol - it is a form of vitamin B, if I am not mistaken - but my hair doesn't like it, IDK about yours!

I am willing to bet the glycerin and the aloe were the issues ;p You will have to try using either straight glycerin or straight aloe in your hair, to see what kind of have to take the perspective of a researcher, lol!

In regard to your other question, I can only give you my experience - my hair enjoys protein treatments once a month or every two weeks, I can tolerate those, but only if they are natural (eggs, yogourt, honey, mayo). I can't tolerate any protein at all in any of my low-poos, condishes, LI's or gels ;p But we are all different, and as Corinna noted, some protein sensitives cannot tolerate it in LI products, and some can't tolerate the PT'S. And some can't handle either of those well.

When I dyed my hair 2 months ago, it was a totally horrid, puffy, frizzy mess :/ it took me weeks of moisturizing without protein to fix my hair. Now all my frizz is gone and my hair is behaving beautifully. Maybe you just aren't giving it enough time to recover! As in, a little patience goes a long way

I am glad that you are doing better now!
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