Since my birthday is on Dec 24th I get a lot of presents all at once. No one has really given me a Christmas and birthday gift together since I usually have a few birthday celebrations with different friends, and family and then one with my husband starting a week or two before my birthday...that may seem excessive but on Christmas eve everything closes early and there isnt much to do so I have more of a birth month instead of a day.
For Christmas and my birthday I would like an Ipad, some makeup I have my eye on, one of those Samsung android phones, perfume (Prada Candy), some books, some clothes, a couple purses I had my eye on, these boots I had my eye on, a new flat screen TV for my room which my dad already said he was getting me and I wouldn't turn away hair products. A lot of my family gives me money so that way I can buy what I want.
I have already started making a list of what I am getting everyone, I actually like Christmas shopping...or maybe thats shopping in general but I love giving people gifts, I get more excited about giving because I love seeing the looks on their faces.