I accidentally have 2 accounts. One is Noelle.j.1 because it connected to my FB and this is the other one (NoelleJ) Can I either have noelle.j.1 deleted or connected with this one somehow?

Also, when I go to my edit my profile there is no option for me to set a profile picture. What I was told to do was go to NoelleJ in the top left corner then go to "edit my account" and it would be there...but it's not. What do I do?
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ugh. In regard to your avatar, sorry, Noelle - my fault. Click on your Private Messages and then choose the avatar selection off the vertical menu on the left word of warning, you have to have filled every iota of info in - including bday - or it won't let you load a pic! I had to log out, log back in, and then fill out the birthday stuff before it would allow me to load a pic :/ sorry for the inconvenience.

The other problem, the mods fix lol!
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