hey everyone my name is Diana.. I'm new here and I need some help..

I have a 2c/3a hair I think.. I never liked my curly hair until now..When I was a little kid my mum used to brush my hair every day , because se didn't know that it wrong,so my hair was kind of poofy..I hated and everyone was actually making fun of me.. On my 13th birthday my parents finally bought me an iron..I was straightening my hair every day, 5 times per day for almost 3 years..Fortunately at 16 I went holidays to a town where iron was useless..so i had to like my natural hair..so much straightening caused a huge hair loss so my hair is very thin..

it's been 8 months that i hadn't used my iron,so my hair is all natural..I've read countless articles about curly routines but nothing really usefull...
also my second day hair is awful..

the main point is that I live in Greece and all these products don't exist here..the only ones are sunsilk co-creations for curly hair (shampoo,condition,leave-in-conditioner) which i now use , pantene and schwarzkopf gliss for satin curl which i want to try..
can i order products from this site ?

sorry for this really long speech and for my english.. thanks in advance