Hi everyone. I have been trying to work with my curls for many years. when i first found this site a few years ago, it was a god send. in that time i have tried many products and methods and at this point i feel completely lost and like nothing will ever work.

i have never been able to really figure out my hair properties and i think that is because i have such a mix of stuff going on in my hair. my hair's texture ranges from fine to coarse in places. i believe the porosity is low as my cuticle itself seems really rough, but the hair itself is really fine in places and more coarse in other (top of my head)

i have tried the no shampoo method (i used suave conditioner) and i felt it made my hair limp and greasy, so i abandoned it. recently i am revisiting it and i am trying hair one cleansing conditioner. again, my hair just feels coated and waxy .

i have tried what seems like every product under the sun. gels, mousses, leaves in conditioners, hair sprays etc. some were cg others weren't.

so far the only products i am marginally happy with is mixed chicks leave in conditioner but to be honest, i can't really afford to spend that much on hair care.

so my question is ; what do i do now? i am so frustrated, it is getting to the point that i hate my hair . i am starting to entertain the fact that my hair will always be frizzy and horrible and never will have defined shiny curls. can you recommend anything else for me to try? thank you to anyone who took the time to read this and help