Totally, the key is that I don't feel constant hunger.
It's about training your body to go through periods of not eating or period of "ample supply".
I was so focused in previous styles of eating (I don't say diet as I see primal as a lifestyle) of every two hours fueling my body etc. and I never noticed much of a difference in my weight. I'm only looking to drop 7-8 pounds or so, and I think this Might be the way for my body.
I'm a nanny and normally when I feed the kiddos lunch I'm ravenous and that's when I end up eating the most junk, whatever they haven't eaten, plus I raid the pantry!
I'm struggling with sugar cravings but I'm replacing with fruit. I know it's not the BEST route, but my previous sugar cravings were filled with ice cream, donuts, cookies, candy. I'm hoping to notice an initial difference with the fruit and then when I plateau I'll try to curb it.
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