That happened to me once, except the reverse.

MY dad's friend was supposed to pick me up when I was in elementary school and I refused to go because I didn't know who he was and I caused a big scene until my brother came and was like "you know him you big dingus"

turned out I did know him I just didn't remember.
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When we were little, we had a code word. In case someone other then our parents had to pick us up, they had to know the word.

My Mom was busy doing something one day, so my Grandfather said he would go get us. I threw a hissy fit (just being a brat) in the school parking lot because he didn't know the word. He finally leaned down and whispered "Get in the f'n car NOW!"

He's 80 now and I still tease him about how awful he was to yell at a scared kid
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That is very smart though, about the code word. I will have to remember that if I have kiddies.
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