It took until the presidential campaign was over, but Mitt Romney finally figured out the sinister plan Barack Obama executed to win re-election. Here's how it worked: During his first term, Obama craftily carried out policies that helped improve Americans' lives, thereby tricking them into voting to re-elect him. Diabolical!

Romney 'gifts' comment not a new idea on the right -

and then there's the always fabulous Roland Martin:

Actually, Mitt, even a lot of white voters didn't want you -

...if you accept Romney's theory that minorities were a prime reason he lost, then he should have cleaned up in the Electoral College in those really, really, really white states. Let's take a look:
Maine, 94% white: Obama
Vermont, 94% white: Obama
New Hampshire, 92% white: Obama
West Virginia, 93% white: Romney
Iowa, 88% white: Obama
North Dakota, 88% white: Romney
Wyoming, 85% whtie: Romney
Idaho, 83% white: Romney
Nebraska, 82%white: Romney
Ohio, 81% white: Obama
Utah, 80% white: Romney
That means of 11 really, really, really white states, Obama won five and Romney won six. So Mitt, if it's just about those minorities, what happened?

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