I hated Suave as a co-wash. I found that VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea works much better for me. Make sure you're spending enough time massaging your scalp and continue to massage as you rinse the co-wash. You can also always rotate in a low-poo (sulfate-free shampoo) as needed. There are lots of people who cannot co-wash exclusively, especially those with finer hair and/or weaker curl patterns. Another possibility is a cleansing conditioner - L'Oreal released one almost a year ago, and Sally's carries As I Am Coconut Co-Wash- both great and cheap options.

As far as properties, everyone has a mix of different types of hair on their head- you want to look for which properties are more common in your hair. My hair is mostly fine in texture (and responds well when I treat it like fine hair), but I definitely have some medium and coarse hairs mixed in.

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