I tie it up really high (which I like because it leaves it just right for styling in the morning), but it still get's tangled. I tried braiding and nothing.

My hair is a little dry even though I tried several moisturizes with it, cremes, oils, etc. I cowashed for months and I think that doesn't work for me. My hair started falling out badly. Huge clumps would come out when I combed in the shower. I stopped for a few weeks now and I'm getting normal shedding again and I feel the thickness coming back but I'm still very upset with the dryness and the tangling because it forces me to do whole combing or dry untangling with my fingers and my brittle hair is very upset with that.

Please help? Oh BTW, I have 3c/3b hair.
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How many braids did you try? Just one or several? Also did you try sleeping with a satin bonnet on?

Do you find that your hair is dry, stiff, and frizzy? If so you could have too much protein in your hair's products, and this could be the culprit of the brittleness and dryness. Try clarifying and doing a moisturizing deep treatment with heat. Usually helps.

Lastly I really don't recommend dry detangling! ouch! Not to sound rude, but why do you feel that is necessary? Wetting the hair (with conditioner too) is always best.
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I do comb my hair with water and conditioner. I have to dry untangle in the morning when I undo my hair because it has gotten all tangled in the night. I don't mean completely combing it out.