I need to make a delicious and impressive dessert to bring to Thanksgiving. Something everyone will ooh and ahhh over. There's always a ton of options, so bite-size things usually go over pretty well. I was thinking some kind of mini pies might be great! But I'm also totally open to the idea of a regular-size pie. I kinda want to make everything from scratch. I have all of next week off from work, so I figure I shouldn't take the easy way out! I love to bake, but I'm really at a beginners level. I don't have any special tools or know many techniques other than, you know, stirring stuff together. I'm willing to learn, but if it involves a candy thermometer or something, it's probably over my head.

Any suggestions?! Any kind of pie really. Chocolate, peanut butter, pecan, blueberry, cherry, apple, etc.

And if you have a non-pie amazing dessert recipe, please share that as well!

It can't need to be frozen, or re-heated. It has to be able to just sit out for a while, and then be served.
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