I live in Washington state so the dews are pretty moderate year round. When I use glycerin in a leave in or styler my hair feels fine in the morning, but by the end of the day it is tangly and feels like it's coated in plastic. It just feels gross. I can use glycerin in a poo every once in awhile, but my hair is happiest when I am completely glycerin free.
3a, baby fine i/ii, low to normal porosity, protein sensitive
Mod CG since 5/12, from rainy Western WA
dislikes: glycerin, wheat protein
Likes: moisture, Mag Sulfate
Poo: Elucence Moisture Acidifying Shampoo
Cond: CJCR, DB pumpkin seed, TJ TTT, Elucence MB
Protein: one & only Argan oil hydrating mask
Style: UFD curly magic, Sweet Curls Elixers flax seed cream and HHG (Etsy)