My older sister who has curly hair but uses a lot of hair products (nothing wrong with that but I prefer minimal or no product) tells me to brush it wet. I know that that causes breakage and I am keeping my hair as healthy as possible but she doesn't understand. Ugh! Plus it goes back to how it is naturally anyway...she says we have the same hair but we don't! Both our hair may be curly but each texture is different! Mine is curlier I think and is a mix of curls and waves. People need to keep their opinions to their selves!

My friend Michelle always tells me to let her straighten my hair (which implies she doesn't like my hair curly I guess) and offers to put bio-silk in it. I tell her dude curly hair frizzes end of story lol and smoothing serums don't seem to fix that for me. (They just make it greasy!) She has curly/wavy hair too but straightens it every day. I myself have been rocking my natural texture since I finished high school and almost never straighten it.