That's funny - my underneath is more 2b also, but my technique has gotten better at getting that section to curl up more. And surprisingly, the length helps with that section. But my 3a (sometimes even 3b) parts are the front sections around my face, especially above my ears, and the back and canopy is my 2c section. Most of the time I just don't worry about it. If I really want my curls to be more uniform, then I will take some extra time to twirl different sections.
Originally Posted by jsuzkelley
This sounds exactly like my hair!
I started out almost 1,5 years ago with 2a tailbone length hair. Now my hair is a mix from 2b/2c/3a and some days even 3b (especially round my ears) hair! It's mid-back now, so that might have something to do with it (I've had it cut at least half its original length since I started CG)
Some hair feels fine others feel coarse (canopy), the coarse ones act more like 2c. Confused already :-/? Well, I am at some days. LOL
I'll have to agree with Corinna about using less grabby products. At first this worked great for me, but these days my hair gets more volume and curl with less grabby products. You could say that when my hair's clumping too much, that pulls out the curl and makes my hair more wavy.

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