Curl Keeper is one of my HG products, but you might have issues if you have problems with glycerin. My hair is really agreeable and does fine with glycerin in all dews, but for other people low dews plus glycerin can result in dry, tangled hair.

I haven't had a chance to watch the CK video, but if it's the same technique as the first video, I have great admiration for anyone who can spend that much time doing their hair. Most days I don't even diffuse and air dry instead. The video did inspire me to slightly modify how I apply my gel, in order to get that more complete coverage, but this full technique is just way too much work for me.

I have used CK alone as my styling product (over LI), but found that I got better results when I mixed a very small blob of a thin, harder hold gel into the CK before scrunching. I previously used Biotera Gel for this, but recently got hooked on GVP Liquid Sculpting Gel and will be trying that combo soon.

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Ok thanks ... Im actuallly not sure how my hair responds to glycerin lol but i guess Ill have to figure that out lol