a video of the surgery?? hahaha!! that's insane!

glad it went well for you.

fyi -- i hope you never need anesthesia again, but they can give you an anti-nausea medication in iv before surgery. have no idea why they don't do it automatically nor offer it, but if you know about it and ask for it, they will give it to you and it works!
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No, I got all the anti-nausea drugs they had beforehand. The stuff in the IV, the patch behind my ear, and extra stuff in the IV afterward. Nothing helps me. General anesthesia just Fs with me. It was soooooo awful. I was crying and boohooing and screaming for the nurse bc there was no barf bowl or garbage can in my room and I was chained to the IV so I wasn't able to get up and into the bathroom quick enough! Oh, it was a mess!

I think they should offer epidural/spinal block as an option, like they do for vaginal childbirth and c-sections. I mean, just hang up a sheet if you don't want me to see it.

That stupid anesthesia kept me in for an extra 20 hrs.