Looking for DT condish recommendations, but I have some very stringent requirements. I have only found 2 conditioners that donít make my hair floof- SS Deeply Decadent and Jessicurl DT. JCDTís formula changed so itís too thin for me now. I use these as my leave-ins. All other conditioners make me floof.
My hair really dislikes CJ rehab!!!
My nose hates Aubrey Organics.
My hair hates heavy protein

I am looking for other DT conditioners that are similar to SSDD I can use as a leave in. My hair needs THICK condish- not lotion consistency. I am very porous, and coarse.
I donít do drugstore brands- might as flush the cash down the toilet for how they donít work for me!
Any ideas?
med/coarse; porous; 2c & 3c
protein sensitive
too much glycerin and some oils give me stringlets


co-wash: Fructis Body Boost condish
low-poo: miss my LLL Green Tea, CJDF
condish/leave-in: DMLI, Elucense MB, KCKT, JCWDT, CJCR, KBB Deep Condish, Marie Dean, Shescensit GTH
style: faves: KCCC, DMCG, AOMMJ, CGG, Elucence Foam, FSG
DT: JCWDT, CJCR, SS Deep Condish

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