My sister always tries to give me advice to brush it wet to control it at the top. I tell her that will cause breakage because it snaps but she doesn't understand. I think it is so annoying! She has curly hair too and says we have the same hair but every texture is different! She also tells me to use product to control it but with my experience hair mouse/gel make my hair crunchy and I like my natural texture!

My friend Michelle always offers to straighten my hair and tells me if she can put bio-silk in it to control the frizz. Frizz serum doesn't seem to work on me but she insists on doing my hair with it. My other friend Kathleen tells me to brush it and use a frizz serum. Ugh! Michelle has hair similar to mine naturally but straightens hers every day and dies it incessantly. I love my natural curls and using minimal-no product so they can all shove it! lol