This revelation about 'cones in my drug store hair dye is funny (and a little tragic) for me. I have colored my grays for 20 years, and though I did think I should at least check the ingredients after joining this forum, I have managed to avoid doing that for 18 months!! So all my careful shopping to avoid sulfates and silicones, I have been screwing up by using this Nice'N Easy condish at LEAST once every 3 weeks. Talk about buildup, if you are co-washing. No wonder I was about to shave my head. The damage is awful. My hair is just plain gross and I had no idea why!

I guess I thought I have been using this stuff for 20 years, and the "miracle" smoothing silicones have only been around for about 10 years. Was I wrong? How naive of me! Also, the only time I ever thought to check the ingredients would be when I was in the shower rinsing out: and the ingredients are not on the bottle, only on the BOTTOM of the BOX, which I've thrown out by then. See no evil, fear no evil.

It's actually a HUGE relief!! Only problem is I will now have to fork over a few more bucks, because the one thing about that Nice'n Easy condish, it's plentiful and cheap. I was actually using it almost every week! And even as a leave-in!

Now the question is: what will be my go-to conditioner? It has to be affordable. I have been using L'Oreal EverSleek products (shampoo, deep-condish, leave-in creme) so I guess the logical thing is to try the regular conditioner. $6.99 is OK. Sucks to throw all that free conditioner in the garbage though. Maybe I should give it as a "gift" to an in-law or a frenemy????