Im on the same page too. I have about 3 inches of hair after my bc in april and i wanna do protective styles because i want to protect the little i have until i grow longer. My friend tell me just to do wash nd gos or braid out but idk if im ready to wear it out completely yet.
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Honestly I don't think people need to protective style their TWAs. The hair is new and young. I think you should solve your dryness problem, and then the tangles will solve themselves (until you get to a longer length).

What products are you using? Also are you manipulating your hair a lot every time you cowash?
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TRUST me you will miss hair this short once your hair get longer. Natural hair requires high maintenance. there no real major problems when you have hair this short. I have friends who grew their hair out and BC again to avoid the time it takes to detangle and such.

its prob too short for ps other than wig. try lite leave in condish and be patient before you know it you can braid it and the real PS will begin.
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yes! that's exactly what ive been complaining about but then again i wished for longer hair.It takes longer to dry and comb.