Be. Careful with only using Shea butter. It can weigh your hair down. I did that once and my hair was like ehhh help. I've since learned to mid it with other lighter and heavier oils such as castor jojoba coconut sweet almond olive and etc.
"My hair is a reflection of my personality:
wild, free and beautiful."

Hair Type: S + Z = Crazy Beautiful
Hair Goal: Improve health!! Kill the knots!!!
BSL now
As of 6/24/12: Protective styles for summer
Achieving Curls: Terressentials Mud HAir Wash (the business! Giovanni 50/50 Cndtr (retired) KBN Shealoe LCndtr (on probation) Still perfecting the process.
Shoutout to FLAXSEEDS!!!! YOU ARE the MASTER on FRIZZ!!!