Real talk. There was no thread because we don't have the facts other than 1. The protests 2. The attack 3. The death of 4 diplomats.

The title of this story, terrorist attack v. spontaneous attack is irrelevant. The "tragedy" in Aurora Co was a terrorist attack & I suppose there was an Intel breakdown on the sikh temple "massacre". Don't see any hearings on that & America lost more than 4 those days. So ya'll can miss me with the linguistics of this.

But I will take the logistics if getting Israel to calm down or the fiscal cliff for 500 Alex.

The GOP is looking for scandal in Obama's camp. Hillary is the fall guy for Benghazi, if you didn't notice. Petraeus was a casualty, but don't worry he gets the Susan B. Anthony at the airport. Petraeus did his job well. He will be giving 100k speaking engagements before long & he'll find a new "biographer"

I imagine that what happened in Benghazi was a lot like what happened in Pakistan when they caught Bin Laden. A raid. Ask the Pakistani government what they knew before hand? Don't worry I'll wait. Their heads are still spinning. More security wouldn't have pushed back the attack timeline for the terrorist group. If Obama
gets impeached for this, there should be criminal trials for Bush, Cheney, Rice, & the rest of the last administration. The lies we were told led to the most economically destructive time in our country since the depression.

run tell dat.

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