dew point is what we need to know for our curls. it is never higher than the actual temp. for instance, snowing and 20 degrees out -- so the humidity is 100% but the dew point is 20 or lower, can even get into negative numbers.

so if the air is dry (dew point) if the products we use have lots of humectants like glycerin high on the list, the product will pull moisture wherever it can. so if the air is dry, it will pull it from our hair.

you can find the dew point on the homepage here, frizz factor. you can also go to many weather sites. i use, put in my zip code, and it gives me temp and dew points. then i wash my hair! LOL! seriously.

there is also a curl chemist article here on dew points/humidity. put it in the search box. honestly, you don't have to understand it, you just need to know what the dew point for that day is. also, some bldgs are overheated in winter, so you have to factor that in. makes the air very dry.
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