The comments on The AV Club for the latest Parks & Rec are killing me.

Smokin' Joe Biden aka Cool Joe B aka Vice Joey aka Downtown Joe Biden aka The Scranton Slugger aka The Deleware Destroyer aka The Naval Observatory Poonhound
He's precious cargo. And very handsome.
oooh it's so true! Any guy who smiles that easily is pretty good in the sack. That's just science.
That was maybe the funniest cold open on Parks in recent memory and had me literally choking on chicken.

Because I was eating chicken, and not any of those sick euphemisms that are so popular with the kids these days.
To be fair you were also masturbating
To be fair: Joe Biden.
I, for one, am deeply disappointed that Biden was too chicken**** to do a scene where he's washing his car shirtless.
Letting Diamond Joe Biden show the goods on network TV would lead to the White House being buried under an avalanche of thrown panties. It's a national security issue.
i think he did but the cameras couldn't handle the sexiness. it killed two camera operators and a director.