BUT... With that said, something has to change. For instance, that woman's blog was from 2007. The number of non emergency calls coming in on emergency lines has grown to an astounding number. You've heard me fuss about that before. That is in cities and smaller areas. There is not one type of call that she mentioned that every 911 center has not had not had (or a variation of) repeatedly. That is a true problem, and many times the number of calls coming in are too great to charge everyone with misuse. I know states are starting to slap mandatory charges (and that is charges as in fine) on people for pocket dials now because they are making up 40% of the call volume in some states. At some point they need to make it more convenient and mandatory for other (criminal) charges to be taken out. It scares me when I have almost every line lighting up with bull crap calls. It is dangerous. That can cause actual emergencies to go unanswered, or be re routed to other areas, delaying in response times. I don't want a heart attack to go unanswered because a stray dog got into someones trash or their power went out, etc.

**perhaps they should start shaming people and making them stand on the side of the road with a sign. "I called 911, rather than the power company, 6 times, because my power went out." That seems to be all the rage now. lol. But l am personally not a fan public shaming or the giving out of identifying information of people. It is a matter of public record/information but still...
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I'm mean. I'm actually for public shaming if the person is a jerkwad as opposed to mentally ill.

A person on hellothereracists was fired for his racist Tweets. The guy was mad because he was fired 'because people think I'm racist'. No, jerkwad, you were fired because your posted FB statuses and Tweets that called for assassinating the President, and your workplace is listed on your FB. People don't think you're racist, they know you are. Welcome to the modern era.
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Yep. You call for assassination or make death or serious assault threats, you need to be fired and secret serviced up one side and down the other.

I did see a story about a woman who drove on the sidewalk, around a stopped school bus that was *sorry, picking children up*, to get her daughter to school faster. What a dumb and dangerous thing to do! She had to stand on the street with a sign. Idk, it all depends on the situation to me.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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